Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Summer Outfits...

Glamour Magazine and Yahoo are presenting 20 'cute summer work outfits.' This is a great idea, and about half of the outfits really are good for summer in the office. HOWEVER, the problem lies in the other half...

Only wear short skirts, low cut tops, snug or sexy outfits if you don't actually want either a promotion, or to be taken seriously. Many studies show that women whose work clothes say "sexy" more than they say "consumate professional" are less likely to be promoted or to earn as much as their more sedately dressed counterparts.
Rumpled clothes, or a top and skirt that are too casual, or don't really go together, are fine for a day out with the kids, but not good choices for the office. One of the most important things to consider is the fit of your clothes.  Most people cannot just walk into a store, even a high-end one, and wear something straight off the rack with no alterations.  Worse, while men expect to have their suits altered, this concept is not a part of women's shopping expectations.  Add to that the fact that the vast majority of women do not even know what constitutes a proper fit.....  Lots of bad looks that could have been gorgeous, if only the garments had fit!
Consider colors carefully.  Remember that whole thing some years ago about 'finding your season' and wearing those colors.  While the concept may be a trifle déclassé these days, it is still pretty good advice.  Not every color works for every person.  Bland neutrals tend to wash most people out, and downplays your good features.  Look for colors that really enhance your looks.  Solid black is too harsh, aging, and funereal for most people. (frum women, take note! and remember you have a halachic obligation to look attractive to your spouse, and not to cause a chilul Hashem because everyone is commenting on how frumpy you look!)

I have seen a lot of fashion Don'ts already this summer, and some very bland things, but very little that is fabulous or even worthy of comment.  Boost your look, and let the compliments flow.
If you need some advice putting together cute outfits that actually work for YOU, please ask about our wardrobe consultation services.  Or just come by for an explanation of what works and what doesn't from the Glamour magazine picks.