Friday, September 4, 2009

Michelle Obama...

Michelle Obama's fashion choices have been the subject of intense discussion and scrutiny since her husband began campaigning.  For once, we have a First Lady whose proclivities run more towards the commercial stores that everyone can patronize, and small designers, instead of established high-end luxury designers.

While many small American designers are trying their own campaign of getting the First Lady to lend her patronage to even more designers than the small handful she currently favors (even I pitched to her when I was interviewed on the radio some months ago), it now transpires that she has an entire website devoted exclusively to her fashion choices.  I cannot recall any First Lady since Jackie O whose wardrobe has so transfixed the fashion-watchers of the nation. 

Check out her website:   and be sure to post comments nominating us or your other favorite small designer for her next dress.

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