Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding Choices

Having just finished dresses for 3 weddings in the past 2 weeks, and having several more pending... I've been thinking about weddings and the choices people make for them.  It is the bride's day to look and feel like a princess.  Perfect strangers will all smile at brides, little girls will gasp in awe at her fairy-tale beauty and glamor.  A wedding dress should be chosen carefully to reflect the bride's taste, to not clash with the theme of the wedding (if there is one), to fit her perfectly, enhancing all her attributes and downplaying any less-than-ideal aspects of her physical form.
Wedding dresses may be new, family heirlooms, or recycled from the Goodwill.  They may be fussy and formal, or sleek and modern.  While Westerners are most familiar with wedding dresses in every shade of white (a holdover from the Victorian-era, signalling the bride's purity and virginity), dresses in every color are available and can be considered.  Most fair-skinned people look wan and sallow in white.  In some cultures (including many Asian ones), white is the abscence of color and therefore symbolizes purity and emptiness - death.  For them, red may be the ideal color of happiness and joy - the emotions associated with weddings.

Whatever the bride chooses, PLEASE, for the sake of future looks at your wedding photos, and fond memories of your wedding (not to mention the aesthetic sensibilities of your guests), pick a style that is flattering, that fits, and which looks good - not stained, not shapeless, not cheap-looking.  Pick a dress that YOU look good wearing, not a dress that wears you.

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