Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still hot at 40....

For all women who worry or even just wonder about the common idea that women get less attractive as they get older, and men are attracted to the hotter, younger, girls....

Overheard in the supermarket line, 2 guys in their late 20s, frat boy types, discussing Jennifer Anniston..

"Man, she must have a great publicist, she's always on the cover of, like, every magazine." I know, every week!" "But it's ok, 'cause she's so hot!" "She's a total fox. But she's like, old, by now, she must be what, 40?" "Yeah, but you know, I think she's way hotter now than she was when she was first on that show, what was it, Seinfield?" "Friends. Yeah, she's way more of a babe now. Plus you can tell she really knows herself and what she wants, she's got more confidence." "Yeah, chicks like that are so hot."

The vocabulary may be a trifle redundant, but at least the conversation was surprisingly deep, for guys we always assume to be so shallow.

So while you may be 'old' by 40, at least you're still hot as long as you have self-confidence and poise!

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