Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stop the Body Talk!

As I wrote recently, worrying about your figure may be something we are socially conditioned to do, but a terrible trap to fall in to. The important thing is being HEALTHY, not being "thin". Here is another article that agrees, but gives you some easy ways to start getting there. What are you going to do to change the toxic environment of self-hating and start loving your healthy body?

Don't look at others - models, celebrities, etc, because admiring how great they look is just begging your subconscious to compare them to you and find fault with you.  Remember that models and others whose bodies are held up as "the ideal" have 3 things you don't: 1) Time - Maintaining that look is a full-time job for them.  You have other things to do with your life and time - a different job, hobbies, a family. 2) Genetics - Only 2-5% of American women have the genetics that would allow for that kind of figure.  3) An unhealthy body and/or image.  The entertainment industry is NOTORIOUS for tearing women's self-esteem down constantly.  Every aspiring model is taught that the most important trait to have to succeed is a thick skin.  They aren't allowed to eat, they must maintain a very unhealthy body fat percentage which can make them infertile and susceptible to a wide variety of diseases.  People with such low body fat percentages also tend to die younger, and have a large amount of physical breakdown (joint and spine deterioration especially).

Talk to your doctor to find out what a healthy body fat percentage is for you, what YOUR ideal should look like - not some ridiculously unachievable goal that magazine covers urge you to covet.

Dress to feel fabulous.  If you go around in sweats all the time, it says you've given up, you hate your body, and you don't care who knows it.  No matter what your size, shape, and weight, you can dress well and look gorgeous.  Come in for a complementary consultation and let's find the most beautiful you.

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